In Lynchburg, Tennessee, the name Nearest Green has always meant something special. His birth name was Nathan Green but those who knew him best, his family and friends, called him Uncle Nearest. No one actually knows how he obtained that nickname, so we assume he was the “nearest and dearest”  READ MORE

Nearest Green, nor his wife, Harriet could read or write. That was the reality of most slaves and their children. Education was scarce and work was plentiful. But what Nearest Green developed was a craft and that great talent opened READ MORE

Following an 8,800 mile journey from Singapore to Los Angeles, and then 1,800 miles from Los Angeles to Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA Today and New York Times best-selling author Fawn Weaver began what would become a more than 12-month long research project READ MORE

Mission Statement

We exist to shine a light on those who have been forgotten. The ones who toiled without recognition. We are here to ensure where credit is due, credit is given.

This is for the ones who work in the shadows.

The ones who do great things without the glory.

Who from behind-the-scenes build a legacy that creates legends.

This is for Nathan Green, the man called Nearest.

A slave and the first African-American master distiller in the United States.

The best whiskey maker the world never knew.

This is for all the men and women whose stories remain untold.

The ones we’re stronger and better because of.

This is for all of us.

Is there a person in your family who you’ve heard did remarkable things but whose story has long been forgotten? Who from behind the scenes built a legacy that helped create legends? If so, then share your story! Your ancestor could be the next person we shine a light on and ensure the world knows their name. READ MORE

nearest green memorial park

Just a stone’s throw from Jack Daniel Distillery, on the main road that takes you through Lynchburg, Tennessee is a 4-acre tract of land which will soon become the Nearest Green Memorial Park. READ MORE

In 1967, the world learned about the important role Nearest Green played in the life of a young man named Jack Daniel READ MORE

original painting nearest green

One of the greatest challenges in bringing the story of Nathan “Nearest” Green to life was the lack of any pictures of him. READ MORE

Aside from the Nearest Green Memorial Park being built in Lynchburg, Tennessee, and the erection of a permanent memorial at Highview Cemetery, the task of preserving the historical significance of Nearest Green as the first African-American master distiller READ MORE